[PyKDE] Debugging in eric

jul j.vienne at libertysurf.fr
Fri Dec 16 17:51:19 GMT 2005

>Hi All,
>I wonder whether it would be possible to attach the debugger onto a running 
>Hypothetical scenario:
>(1) Run a project with the eric3 (Shift + F2) command;
>(2) Somehow interrupt this program and attach/start-up the debugger;
>(3) Place breakpoint(s) as usual and have the debugger halt at these 
You can do that by placing a "sys.breakpoint()" statement into your 
code. Then run project with Shift+F2.
Doing so, your project will be executed (and not debugged) until the 
instruction, and debugged steps after with usual debug functionalities.
However, don't try to find directly the breakpoint() method in the 'sys' 
module. This method is added by eric during the run.

Hope it helps.

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