[PyKDE] C++ code generation problem: longlong is undefined

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Sun Dec 18 16:45:34 GMT 2005

On Saturday 17 December 2005 22:22, Vincent Jong wrote:
> Yeah, it looks like there's still enough of a difference between 3.1.4 and
> 3.1.1 as the KShortcutList error is still occuring. Unfortunately, this
> error occurs at the beginning of the configure process, so it looks like
> it will be a slow process with finding errors one by one. I wish it was at
> the end of the configure process as it would be easier for you since you'd
> know most everything else worked. I'm hoping that you will still be open
> in supporting my old version of KDE, lol.

In sip/kdecore/kshortcutlist.sip, find the point where enum Other { }; is 
declared and remove completely the %If ... %End that wraps it - that's an 
artifact remaining from when the code that generates the sip files didn't 
handle enums correctly - just never got fixed.

Also, you should change the two methods below so that the first argument in 
each is a fully-qualified name:

class KAccelShortcutList : KShortcutList
    virtual QVariant     getOther (KShortcutList::Other, uint) const;
    virtual bool         setOther (KShortcutList::Other, uint, QVariant);

I don't think there should be that many more problems, but as long as you're 
interested in tracking them down, I'm willing to fix them. I don't have a 
version of KDE 3.1.x other than 3.1.4 available any longer.


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