[PyKDE] C++ code generation problem: longlong is undefined

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Sun Dec 18 18:15:59 GMT 2005

On Sunday 18 December 2005 09:24, Vincent Jong wrote:
> Nevermind, I got the link as I remember about MARC, lol. Okay kdecore
> generates with no problems now and it's getting farther down. Code
> generation for kfile is erroring out with:
> sip: sip/kfile/kdirsize.sip:73: A function with the same Python signature
> has already been defined
> Error: Unable to create the C++ code.
> Is it complaining about there being 2 '%If (  - KDE_3_0_1 )' code blocks?

No - the second one is commented out (//). The problem is filesize_t (which is 
an unsigned long long) wasn't defined in earlier KDE versions, so near the 
top of the class wrap dirSize:

%If ( KDE_3_1_2 - )    
    static KIO::filesize_t dirSize (const KURL&);

Shouldn't be too many more problems, I hope.


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