[PyKDE] Directory listing using IOSlaves

jisaitua at covenco.cl jisaitua at covenco.cl
Tue Dec 27 13:34:27 GMT 2005


I want to list directory contents using IOSlaves so I can transparently 
use file://, fish:// or whatever. So my attempt looks like:

        #!/usr/bin/env python

        import sys
        from qt import QObject,SIGNAL
        from kdecore import KApplication,KURL
        from kio import KIO

        class App(KApplication):
                def slotEntries(self,listjob,entries):
                        print('slotEntries called...')
                        print 'entries:', type(entries)
                        #loop comes here to eval entries
                def slotResult(self,listjob):
                        print('slotResult called...')

        app=App(sys.argv, "KIO testing")
        urlDir = KURL("fish://jisaitua@localhost/home/")
        #jobs = KIO.listDir(urlDir)
        jobs = KIO.ListJob(urlDir,0)



When the slot slotEntries is executed, it throws the following:
        entries: <type 'NotImplementedType'>

So it seems that there is no class KIO::UDSEntryList mapped to PyKDE, but 
in the PyKDE documentation there IS documentation for KIO::ListJob, so 
maybe the problem is another one.

My technical specs:
        OS: Kubuntu/Breezy
        KDE: 3.5
        PyKDE: 3.11
        pyQT: 3.14
        SIP: 4.2

Any help is appreciated!
Thank you.

P.D: This are my first steps in python and kde programming, so please be 
patient. Thank you!

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