[PyKDE] embedded pyQt question

cedric paille cedric at frame-connection.net
Tue Feb 1 11:29:29 GMT 2005

Hi, i'm new to the list and i want to know some things:

I've coded a C++ app with Qt and  embedded Python inside, all works greats.
I've also made a script editor that catch python's stdin/stdout, where I dynamic-load pyQT.
Just perfect...

I can make a widget class and call its show() method to make it appear, no need to create a QApplication instance (fantastic).

- How can I make a pyQt's Widget a child of my own C++ Qt app ?

- The app is coded with Gnu/Linux, have I a chance that it works as well under windows ?

PS: I hope anyone understand what i mean, i'm not sure that my english is perfect!!
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