[PyKDE] Missing classes (sip-4.2rc1 and PyKDE-3.11.3)

Phil Thompson phil at riverbankcomputing.co.uk
Thu Feb 3 09:20:35 GMT 2005

> On Saturday 29 January 2005 13:42, David Boddie wrote:
>> Has anyone else tried to use PyKDE with sip-4.2rc1 yet? My experience is
>> that I can get the modules built and installed, but that not all of the
>> classes are present when various modules are imported. For example, in
>> kdecore, I find that KStdAction is not found in kdeui (this breaks the
>> pyKHTMLPart.py example) and that the KParts namespace is not available
>> in the kparts module.
> Looks like sip has a problem with namespaces (KStdAction is a namespace
> too)?
> I get the same thing here. I did a very quick look at the generated code
> and
> didn't notice any differences - might be a problem with the sip runtime
> finding namespace "classes"?
> I didn't notice this on the snapshots, but also didn't look for it.
>> I initially tried to use the PyKDE snapshot,
>> PyKDE-snapshot20050104.tar.gz,
>> with sip-4.2rc1, and later tried PyKDE-3.11.3 with much the same result
>> (although some .sip files needed help with their enum value definitions
>> when being built).
> The snapshot principally fixes the enum value change in sip (along with
> updated KDE versions)
>> All of the above was attempted with Python 2.3.3 and the PyQt snapshot,
>> PyQt-x11-gpl-snapshot-20050122.tar.gz.

This will be fixed in the next SIP snapshot. It's a (trivial) code
generation bug so you will have to re-build PyKDE.


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