[PyKDE] Clean out of books

Phil Thompson phil at riverbankcomputing.co.uk
Thu Feb 3 10:15:55 GMT 2005

> Hi all,
> I guess interest in PyQt has been picking up while I've been working on
> Krita
> for KOffice and learning C++ and so on... It appears that OpenDocs is
> pretty
> much out of business. I cannot contact Joshua Drake anymore...
> In the last few weeks, I've been sending people author's copies at an
> alarming
> rate and I've completely exhausted my stash; the books are all gone. I'm
> going to consider what to do next... I do have the sgml source to the book
> and the screenshots, but the text hasn't been updated since 2002. And I'm
> not
> sure that the modification to the open document license don't forbid me
> to,
> say, give my work to Phil to make available as a documentation tarball.

Maybe I can put my copy on Ebay and see how much I can get for it now.

Another option is to do a PyQt version of the Somerfield book. It's based
on Qt3, the license allows it and the source is available (although in an
unusual form). As Boudewijn can testify, it is a lot of work to write a
book, but maybe "porting" an existing book is much easier.


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