[PyKDE] qdir example with strange error message

Hans-Peter Jansen hpj at urpla.net
Sun Feb 13 16:55:27 GMT 2005

Hi Phil,

as promised, here's the qdir example. While functional apart from a 
few print statements, it issues this message every time, before a 
pixmap is displayed:

TypeError: drawContents() takes exactly 6 arguments (2 given)

Successive pixmap previews don't trigger it, as long as no other file 
types are previewed in between.

I have absolutely no idea, where it comes from. 

Run it as "python qdir.py --preview", it expects dirview.py to be 
includeable, but the one in PyQt/example3 has at least one minor 
glitch in the emit parameter. Anyway, dirview will be used only, when 
the --custom option is given. 

Unlike the C++ version, it uses double dash options, allows to combine 
--preview with --custom, gives a hint on IOErrors of previews, and 
pickles the bookmarks in a .pybookmark file.

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