[PyKDE] SIP v4.2rc2 Bug???

Doug Bell dougb at bellz.org
Mon Feb 14 01:26:37 GMT 2005


I'm not sure if this is a bug, but it is at least a difference in
behavior between sip-4.1.1 and the 4.2rc2.

With PyQt compiled against sip-4.1.1, the function
QMainWindow.moveToolBar(dockWindow, qDock) is happy with an integer as
the 2nd argument.  This works out well for restoring a dock, because
that's what the QMainWindow.getLocation(dockWindow) command returns.

But with sip-4.2rc2, it throws a TypeError: argument 2 of
QMainWindow.moveDockWindow() has an invalid type.  But it still works if
Qt.DockTop is given as the second argument.  Which is strange, because
the Python interpreter says Qt.DockTop = 2.

I could work around this if it is intended functionality, but I'd rather


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