[PyKDE] python extension using pyqt: unresolved external symbol

Paul Rigor paulrigor.newsletter at gmail.com
Wed Feb 16 23:12:05 GMT 2005

Paul Rigor wrote:

> Phil Thompson wrote:
>> These are seem to be related to moc generated functions that should 
>> be in
>> your C++ library.
>> Phil
> Hi again,
> I updated the library incorporating the moc obj and my custom obj.  I 
> still receive the same errors.  Has anyone out there encountered 
> similar issues?
> Thanks!
> Paul
Problem solved...

For anyone working with Visual C++ .Net, for some reason using the std 
namespace requires you to specify that region of code to be unmanaged 
using "#pragma unmanaged" before using std::blah-blah-blah objects. 

Also, you'll need to precompile the header files as described in 

Happy PyQt/Sipping!

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