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Thu Feb 17 16:05:49 GMT 2005

Would we be required to use the from PyQt4 import QtGui?

The existing namespace allows us to do "import qt" Could a similar 
facility be provided?  (for maintaining more code compatibility)


In qt.py --------------

from PyQt4 import *
from PyQt4.QtGui import *

Then we could do something like:
import qt


from qt.QtGui import *


Phil Thompson wrote:

>I've put up a short roadmap for PyQt v4 on the website, and the text is
>below. Any comments welcome.
>PyQt v4 will support Qt v4 only. It will not support earlier versions of
>Qt in the way that PyQt v3 supports Qt v1 to v3. PyQt v3 will continue to
>be supported.
>PyQt v4 will require SIP v4. SIP v3 will not be supported. This also means
>that Python v2.3 or later will be required.
>A GPL version of PyQt for Windows will be supported. A self-installing
>binary package, with the Qt libraries statically linked, will be provided.
>It will be possible to install PyQt v4 alongside PyQt v3.
>Compatibility with PyQt v3 will not be a high priority. The Qt3Compat
>library will not be wrapped (with the possible exception of Q3Canvas and
>related classes).
>The separate Qt v4 libraries will be wrapped as separate Python modules.
>The module names will be the same as the corresponding library (eg.
>QtCore, QtGui) and be grouped as a single Python package called PyQt4. The
>suggested programming style for new applications would then be:
>import sys
>from PyQt4 import QtGui
>app = QtGui.QApplication(sys.argv)
>pyuic will be re-implemented in Python so that it can be used as a
>standalone application, and as a Python module imported directly by
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