[PyKDE] ANN: SIP v4.2rc2 Released

Nahuel Greco nahuel at puntorojo.com.ar
Thu Feb 17 22:33:10 GMT 2005

On Thu, 17 Feb 2005 18:56:13 -0300
Nahuel Greco <nahuel at puntorojo.com.ar> wrote:

> Now I have the equivalent program done in C++ and PyQT, and the C++ one
> don't leak but the PyQT one keeps leaking. I'm attaching the new version
> of both and their output. 

Note, the PyQT program leaks also when instead of creating QDialog's or
QPushButton's, you create QString's or QCustomEvent's, but in a slower rate.
So I think that in this case Xlib isn't related (but QDialog leaks more 
memory because it allocates Xlib structures). Obviusly, it leaks with
QString but not when you use simple python strings (yes, I become extra
paranoid and tested that too :) )

I attach the Makefile of the cpp test. 

Nahuel Greco.

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