[PyKDE] Providing DCOP methods

Paul Giannaros ceruleanblaze at gmail.com
Fri Feb 18 01:29:11 GMT 2005

I've been looking for information on connecting to DCOP and providing methods 
accessible over DCOP. 
I take it from what i've read in the mailing list archives and from what docs 
I could find on the subject such functionality is not available in pyKDE? 
More specifically, is there a way to do it given what pyKDE gives you? No 
having to resort to writing a C++ wrapper around the DCOPObject class, etc..

You can do this kind of thing via dcoppython but for it to work it creates its 
own KApplication. I was thinking about trying to use that KApplication it 
creates (as you cannot have two QApplication instances) and re-using it for 
the rest of my application but unfortunately the KApplication object it 
creates is not accessible via pcop.so in any way.

Thanks for your time,

Python KOffice module maintainer, KTTSD developer

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