[PyKDE] ANN: PyQt v3.14, SIP v4.2, QScintilla v1.5 Released

Phil Thompson phil at riverbankcomputing.co.uk
Sat Feb 19 16:32:43 GMT 2005

PyQt v3.14, SIP v4.2 and QScintilla v1.5 have all been released and are 
available from the usual places.

Please read the note at the end about how enum support has changed.

PyQt v3.14
- added support for QScintilla v1.5
- added support for qInstallMsgHandler()
- added support for Ulli Berning's VendorID package
- added the qdir.py example from Hans-Peter Jansen

SIP v4.2
- named enums are now implemented as distinct Python types
- the /PyName/ annotation can now be applied to classes, namespaces, enums,
  enum members and variables
- added the %PreInitialisationCode directive
- %PostInitialisationCode is now subject to version control
- the handling of Qt signals has changed so that "foreign" signals (ie. those
  raised by ActiveX controls) can be handled
- the voidptr, wrapper and wrappertype types are now exposed in the sip module
- virtual and abstract operators are now supported
- the __call__ slot no longer requires %MethodCode
- any Python exceptions raised in virtual re-implementations are now detected
  when they occur
- sip.cast() can now cast downwards as well as upwards
- added sip.SIP_VERSION to the sip module
- the build system now strips modules and only exports the module
  initialisation function by default (when supported by the platform)

QScintilla v1.5
- merged Scintilla v1.62
- added the QextScintillaLexerLua class
- added the QextScintillaLexerRuby class
- added QextScintillaBase::startDrag()
- added QextScintillaBase::viewport()

In modules generated with earlier versions of SIP enums were implemented as 
Python integer objects. Because named enums are now implemented as distinct 
Python types, existing programs may break if an integer is passed when a 
named enum is expected. The enum type is a sub-class of integer, so it is 
still possible to do arithmetic with them. Converting an integer to the 
correct type is simply a matter of calling the type object with the integer 
as its only argument.


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