C++ data (Re: [PyKDE] PyQT module size)

Simon Edwards simon at simonzone.com
Sat Feb 19 20:02:18 GMT 2005


I wrote a version of mem.py in C++, and have put the data side by side in a 
spreadsheet. It appears that a PyQt program more overhead has in terms of 
libraries over C++, roughly 8Mb in this test for me. When running, the memory 
usage pattern seems to mirror the C++ program with perhaps a little bit of 
overhead per object, ~10% (ballpark figure).

What is needed now is some tests that create lots of Qt objects, and then see 
how object creation affects memory usage.

Using Mandrake Linux 10.1, Qt-3.3.3, SIP 4.0.1 (I think, from kdebindings 


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