[PyKDE] iterating over a QListView

Christopher J. Bottaro cjbottaro at alumni.cs.utexas.edu
Tue Feb 22 19:35:52 GMT 2005

The C++ documentation shows this example:

QPtrList<QListViewItem> lst;
    QListViewItemIterator it( myListView );
    while ( it.current() ) {
        if ( it.current()->isSelected() )
            lst.append( it.current() );

I'm wondering if there is a Pythonic way of doing this.  Maybe something

lst = []
for listviewitem in listview:
  if listviewitem.isSelected():

or maybe:

lst = []
for listviewitem in QListViewItemIterator(listview):
  if listviewitem.isSelected():

Or is there no Pythonic way and I just have to translate the C++ directly? 
This question goes for all Qt iterator classes (i.e. are they turned into
Python iterables by PyQt?).

Thanks for the help.

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