[PyKDE] "pyuic -embed" versions

Ulrich Berning ulrich.berning at desys.de
Wed Feb 23 08:44:52 GMT 2005

Patrick Stinson schrieb:

>Are there any recent version compatibility problems with pyuic and embedding 
>image data? I've been seeing some strange behavior between a machine of mine 
>and a machine belonging to a tester of mine.
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Can you describe the strange behavior in more detail? What image formats 
do you use? Have both machines the same screen depth?
I have problems when I generate embedded images on Linux with a depth of 
32 bit and display them on AIX with a depth of 8 bit or vice versa. Only 
XPM images seem to be portable across platforms. This is not a pyuic 
problem, it's a QImage problem. You get the same hardware dependent 
output when you use uic -embed. QImage (or QImageIO) seems to be not 
hardware independent as documented. I think this is a Qt bug.


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