[PyKDE] Having really hard time getting eric3 installed on Mac OSX 10.3.8

Brian Morton bnwrocka at gmail.com
Wed Feb 23 09:52:39 GMT 2005

Hi Jarrod,

I had a hard time also, until I saw an email about Kevin Walzer's 
pre-packages binary for PyQt, Eric, etc., etc...

Here is a link. Take a look at some of the other goodies that Wordtech 
has put together for Mac users. They are all pretty handy.


One word of warning. You MUST use the pre-installed version of Python 
from Apple (plus the extentions mentioned on the WordTech site. No 
other version of python (compiled from source, fink install, etc, etc) 
will work (that I know of?).

Soon you will be admiring Detlev's fine work with Eric.

Good luck


On Feb 22, 2005, at 12:44 PM, jarrod roberson wrote:

> I got QT, QScintilla, SIP, PyQT and eric3
> I followed all the instructions in each package to the letter . . .n
> I still can't get eric3 to start or run correctly . . .
> I am a born-again Mac user ( last Mac was a 7200 ) I have spent an
> entire day building, and rebuilding all these sources over and over
> with different options and always get something wrong!
> I finally got everything to buiid and link and play nicely up to the
> eric3 point . . .
> any help is appreachiated
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