[PyKDE] PyQT in KDevelop/QT Designer

Joachim Werner joe at suse.de
Wed Feb 23 11:08:51 GMT 2005

Am Mi 23.02.2005 08:51 schrieb Darren Robert Haagman
<drhaagman at dccs.co.za>:

> Hi all
> I'm busy attempting to build a GUI application in KDevelop with Python
> -
> my first foray into Python.
> When I generate the default Python/QT project it creates a coupla
> source
> files, and makes a simple editor with a secondary QDialog.
> Now I want to make changes to the dialog and add a couple of buttons
> and
> so on, but as soon as I save, the .py file that corresponds to the .ui
> file gets erased and not regenerated.
> 1. Any reason for this?
> 2. How do I either work-around or get the python code gererated from
> the
> .ui file?

I'm not sure if I completely understand, but the usual "Make project" or
"Build project" (I am using a German version, so I can only guess the
English menu names) from the fifth menu from the left should take care
of regenerating the GUI files from the .ui file.



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