[PyKDE] "Joining" two Databrowsers / Dataviews on Designer

Jorge Godoy godoy at ieee.org
Sun Feb 27 23:53:47 GMT 2005


I have a database where the information that I need to present the user is
spread in more than one table.  Is there some way to join this table with
another in a mix of one databrowser and one dataview (or two databrowsers)? 

I need the information to be sync'ed and I have one field that joins then (the
PK of one table is the FK in another).

I'll need that for three and maybe four tables as well, so I was willing
something that could be handled with Qt Designer. 

Actually, I think I need one way to reference fields from one table into
another one that is used by QDataBrowser or QDataView.

I am trying to avoiding using a view + a rule...

Any hints would be appreciated.

Be seeing you,

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