[PyKDE] KDE 3.4: Packaging Python bindings from kdebindings

Simon Edwards simon at simonzone.com
Mon Feb 28 19:06:05 GMT 2005


Just some info about the Python bindings for people who are packaging or just 
compiling kdebindings. Once you've got the python bindings compilied and 
perhaps packaged be sure to do a quick test using the importTest.py program 
located in the python/pykde directory. This program tries to load/import all 
of the bindings and provides a simple sanity check to guard against 
linking/compiling problems.

There have been a few reports of trouble in combination with gcc and the new 
symbol visibility hiding feature. I think gentoo has a gcc 3.4 available that 
also include visibility support, and problems are showing up there but I'm 
not entirely certain. Just try out the release canidate and run 


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