[PyKDE] Latest QScintilla Snapshot

Ulrich Berning ulrich.berning at t-online.de
Wed Jul 6 00:28:04 BST 2005

Phil Thompson schrieb:

>For those interested, tonight's QScintilla snapshot has Scintilla 1.64 merged. 
>Tonight's PyQt snapshot has corresponding updates.
>No changes have been made to the high-level API. If you want to see what's 
>changed in the low-level API then it's probably easier to look in the 
>PyQt .sip files for %If (QScintilla_1_6 -) and cross reference it to the 
>Scintilla documentation. Let me know if there is any of the new stuff that 
>you'd like pushed up into the high-level API.
In the latest QScintilla snapshot "#include <stdlib.h>" is missing in 
qt/SciListBox.cpp for atoi() and free().


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