[PyKDE] Re: PyQT on Win32

Jorge Godoy godoy at ieee.org
Wed Jul 6 01:10:01 BST 2005

Edson Tadeu <e.tadeu at gmail.com> writes:

> I'm trying to use PyQT on Windows, compiling the QT 3.3, sip 4.1.1 and PyQT 
> sources through the MinGW compiler. The problem is that the MinGW linker is 
> *very* slow and swaps a lot too (it was using 420Mb of VM)... I couldn't get 
> to compile it in less than 10 hours, then I cancelled the linkage. I've 
> managed to get the pre-compiled QT binaries, but couldn't find the binaries 
> for sip or PyQT, so what I'm asking is:
> * Is there a way to link it faster and using less memory with MinGW tools 
> and maybe some changes in makefiles or ./configure parameters?
> * Could someone that already done that provide the binaries, please?

If so, could this person also provide ODBC or PostgreSQL drivers for Qt as
well?  It would be *really* helpful to be able to integrate to a free database
(as in free speech and in free beer) and ODBC would allow integrating with
several other databases. 

One of the strongest points of Qt over other toolkits, besides its cleaness is
the easiness to integrate it with database servers.

This could be a vast field for GPL application replacing what is normally done
with Microsoft Access. 

Jorge Godoy      <godoy at ieee.org>

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