[PyKDE] [eric3] redirect stdin/out/err

Guest007 trash4 at yandex.ru
Mon Jul 11 12:26:12 BST 2005

Hello all,

Sorry for my stupid question, but I can't find error report of my console 
programm. In eric3 I can see Log-Viewer, but it's tabs always empty.

stdout redirected in Shell, when I'm checked a checkbutton in Debugger->Python 
and stay invisible, when it's not checked. In this case stdout can be visible 
in console, where I start eric3. 

stderr not visible, but I allways receive a window with, I guess, last string 
from stderr. But this information is not complete for me in many cases. And 
another big problem -- opening new tab with file, that generate error. But in 
many times that file -- from standard or additional modules, libraries, 
frameworks. For example:
#python test.py
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "test.py", line 390, in ?
  File "test.py", line 383, in fill
  File "/home/guest007/lib/python/sqlobject/main.py", line 1067, in __init__
    self._create(id, **kw)
  File "/home/guest007/lib/python/sqlobject/main.py", line 1100, in _create
  File "/home/guest007/lib/python/sqlobject/main.py", line 1124, in 
    id, names, values)
  File "/home/guest007/lib/python/sqlobject/dbconnection.py", line 355, in 
    return self._runWithConnection(self._queryInsertID, soInstance, id, names, 
  File "/home/guest007/lib/python/sqlobject/dbconnection.py", line 217, in 
    val = meth(conn, *args)
  File "/home/guest007/lib/python/sqlobject/sqlite/sqliteconnection.py", line 
84, in _queryInsertID
    q = self._insertSQL(table, names, values)
  File "/home/guest007/lib/python/sqlobject/sqlite/sqliteconnection.py", line 
102, in _insertSQL
    return DBAPI._insertSQL(self, table, names, values)
  File "/home/guest007/lib/python/sqlobject/dbconnection.py", line 347, in 
    return ("INSERT INTO %s (%s) VALUES (%s)" %
  File "/home/guest007/lib/python/sqlobject/dbconnection.py", line 639, in 
    return sqlrepr(v, self.dbName)
  File "/home/guest007/lib/python/sqlobject/converters.py", line 202, in 
    return converter(obj, db)
  File "/home/guest007/lib/python/sqlobject/converters.py", line 180, in 
    return value.strftime("'%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S'")
ValueError: year=1880 is before 1900; the datetime strftime() methods require 
year >= 1900
I want to see last string as error description and 383'th line of test.py in 
editor tab. But eric3 open converters.py in new tab and I must close it, and 
loose a time for searching my test.py (it's always opened, but can be not 
first or last in tabs order).

Sorry for my English. I hope, it not make a problem...

WBR Guest007
JID: guest007 at jabber.ru

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