[PyKDE] [eric3] file/class browser

Diez B. Roggisch deets at web.de
Tue Jul 12 19:00:50 BST 2005

> That could be added. What would it be good for?

It's sometimes nice in larger projects when you browse a file that e.g. 
contains a class which has a method foo, which in turn calls a bar 
method in that very class. Then you can simply use the object browser to 
jump there instead of skimming through the file.

BTW, a feature that I'm personally missing most in all not 
emacs/vi-flavoured editors is an incremental search with a 
minibuffer-style search dialog.The reason is simply that the rather 
large search dialog obstructs the editor view.

And the ability to search forward/backward from the current cursor 
position with possible wrap arounds instead of always beginning at the 
top would also be great. Any chances for this?



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