[PyKDE] Eric3: Usability and debugging questions

Suleyman Karabuk suleyman_karabuk at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 15 05:13:36 BST 2005

I recently installed eric and so far I am very much
impressed with its functionality and its light
weightedness. I am using it for developing Python

However, as I started giving it a spin with my
production work I ran into the following which I hope
there are solutions for.

1) The height of lines in the text editor is unusually
long compared to the IDEs I have used so far. That is,
there is an uncomfortable amount of horizontal space
between lines of my source code. This results in less
amount of text fitting on the same monitor space. I
searched for an option that could fix it like mad to
no success.

The following are more serious: 

2) The debugger goes through list comprehensions and
sum()s no matter what I do. Continue, step out,
nothing works. I have to step through all the elements
of the list comprehension or the iterations of the
sum(). That practically means I cannot debug most of
my programs.

I hope I am missing something.

3) Apparently there is no watch window in the debugger
panel on which I can isolate the variables I want to
trace during debugging. I understand that this could
be a design decision, however, my problem is that
there are a bunch of variables, most of which I do not
want to trace, on both global and local variable
windows. When my interest is on only  a few variables
then it becomes difficult to isolate those variables
mentally and watch them. It would even work if I could
arrange the relative position of the variables on the
global and locals windows. As it is if there are two
variables I want to watch one could be at the top of
the window and the other at the bottom.

I would appreciate any solutions or workarounds to my

Thanks in advance.

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