[PyKDE] Eric3: Usability and debugging questions

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Fri Jul 15 08:41:12 BST 2005

On 14.Jul 2005 - 21:13:36, Suleyman Karabuk wrote:
> 1) The height of lines in the text editor is unusually long compared
> to the IDEs I have used so far. That is, there is an uncomfortable
> amount of horizontal space between lines of my source code. This
> results in less amount of text fitting on the same monitor space. I
> searched for an option that could fix it like mad to no success.

This happened here too, and IIRC changing the font for the editor solved

> 2) The debugger goes through list comprehensions and sum()s no matter
> what I do. Continue, step out, nothing works. I have to step through
> all the elements of the list comprehension or the iterations of the
> sum(). That practically means I cannot debug most of my programs.

What keeps you from putting a breakpoint just after the sum() call or
the list comprehension and pushing F6 (for Go on - I don't have an
english version here...)?


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