[PyKDE] Sip wishlist item: Parameter typechecking enhancement

Nigel Stewart ns at fluent.com
Mon Jul 18 17:15:15 BST 2005

 > I'm not clear what it is you are really doing, but you can specify
 > something similar...
 >     Bar(SIP_PYOBJECT) [(Foo &)];
 > ...but you still might have to provide %MethodCode.


I delved back into the Sip documentation:

method ::= type name ( [argument-list] ) [const]
         [exceptions] [= 0] [function-annotations] [c++-signature]
         ; [%MethodCode]

c++-signature ::= [ type ( [argument-list] )]

I can't find any explanation of the c++-signature in
the documentation, but I'll dig around and see if
it helps.

In a nutshell, I want a wrapped constructor to pass
a wrapped Foo as a PyObject parameter, but I'd prefer
sip to do the typecheck that PyObject is a Foo, rather
than trying to deal with it on the C++ side.


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