[PyKDE] Problems with a port of C++/Qt book to Python

Douglas Soares de Andrade dsa at unilestemg.br
Mon Jul 18 16:01:31 BST 2005

Hi !

Im trying to make a port of the book C++ GUI programming with Qt to Python. I 
alrealdy did the first chapter, but i tried to port the example in the 
section Subclassing Qt, but i have no success. 

Some part of the cpp code is a little complicated to me, as this example:

FindDialog::FindDialog(QWidget *parent, const char *name) : QDialog(parent, 

As i understood, it is a implementation of the constructor, but i cant get the 
idea in how to port it to python.

Can someone here can help me or translate this example to python, so i will do 
the rest, since it is most equal in the rest of the book.

The code is here:


Thank you all so much for any help.

Douglas Soares de Andrade
dsa at unilestemg.br
UnilesteMG - www.unilestemg.br
ICQ, MSN = 76277921, douglas at tuxfamily.org

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