[PyKDE] Problems with a port of C++/Qt book to Python

Douglas Soares de Andrade dsa at unilestemg.br
Mon Jul 18 16:30:10 BST 2005

Hi Eron !

> Quite an ambitious project! 

But there is a urgent need for initiatives like that, all of us know that Qt 
is better today than gtk. But i see that when new people comes to or ground 
they are almost always lost, without knowing where to go.

This is a tentative of solving this, and feeding then with some info.

> What you see there is a typical class 
> constructor. In PyQt, you would want something along the lines of:

> class FindDialog(QDialog):
>     def __init__(self, parent, name):
>         QDialog.__init__(self, parent, name)

> What it is doing is defining the FindDialog constructor, accepting the
> arguments parent and name, initializing its superclass QDialog, and passing
> it the two arguments.

Understood. Im not yet so much confident with this C++ constructions, but i 
want to sharp this skill with this project.

> There is quite a bit of complicated C++ in the later chapters. Are you
> going to be able to handle it? 

I will study and search to see if i can solve by myself, if not, i will need 
help of the list.

> What would be nice is a detailed translation 
> guide for Qt/C++ to PyQt/Python. 

Yes, i really miss it.

> I started something along those lines, 
> building on the work done in the appendix of the PyQt book. On that
> thought, it probably would be a better idea to update the PyQt book, and
> perhaps begin reshaping it for (Py)Qt4!

Yes. You right. 
Thank you very much for the help !

Douglas Soares de Andrade
dsa at unilestemg.br
UnilesteMG - www.unilestemg.br
ICQ, MSN = 76277921, douglas at tuxfamily.org

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