[PyKDE] Sip wishlist item: Parameter typechecking enhancement

Nigel Stewart ns at fluent.com
Mon Jul 18 19:46:27 BST 2005

>>>    Bar(Foo & /GetWrapper/);
>>>    Bar(Foo & /PassWrapper/);   ??
> No. I think this is too specialised a requirement to justify automating it.

	Just to explain our motivation for having this...

	We have a container that can intermix C++ and
	python wrapped Foo in a way that observes
	python reference counting for python-side
	items, deletion for dynamically allocated
	C++ items, and no deletion of items
	managed elsewhere.  This results in nice
	consistant behaviour across C++ and Python
	code, but means some Python C API creeping
	into our own framework.

	The GetWrapper annotation certainly helps
	minimise what our MethodCode needs
	to deal with, perhaps we're being a bit too
	far on the bleeding edge making our
	framework so python-friendly...

	With thanks,

	Nigel Stewart


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