[PyKDE] C++ signature/undefined types

James Emerton ephelon at gmail.com
Fri Jul 29 01:10:43 BST 2005

Given the following sip fragment...

class Foo
  virtual void bar( SIP_PYOBJECT ) [void (UnwrappedType)];
  // ...
  // ...

Sip will compain about UnwrappedType not being defined.  I don't
believe it should need to be defined in the presence of the
%VirtualCatcherCode, as it is only used verbatim in the method's
argument list.

I had a look at relaxing this restriction myself, but given my limited
experience with sip internals, this change seems non-trivial.

Is it possible to relax the type checking for C++ signatures in the
presence of hand written virtual handler code?


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