[PyKDE] Documentation

Giovanni Bajo rasky at develer.com
Wed Nov 2 10:53:05 GMT 2005

Simone Zaccarin <simozack at yahoo.it> wrote:

> I'm a newbie in programming and in pyqt. I want to ask
> you if there is a documentation/book that explains
> every function and the usage of the function on pyqt.
> All the documentation I find explain the function for
> c++ application and not for python.
> Particurarly, I search documentation regarding the sql
> functions and widgets.

This book covers PyQt programming from scratch up to complex issues:

As for a detailed reference, I suggest you simply use the C++ Qt Reference:
PyQt is just a wrapper around it, so all the function names and arguments will
be (mostly) the same.

Giovanni Bajo

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