[PyKDE] Sql prepare

Matthias Frick matthias.frick at rsel.renesas.com
Thu Nov 3 16:40:38 GMT 2005

hi i got some problems with the prepare function fo QSqlQuery

i dont get some usefull back.

here my code:

print db
query = QSqlQuery(db)
print query.prepare( "Select :l, lot_id from yb_lot_history where rownum 
< 4" )
print query.bindValue( ":l", QVariant("lot_id"), QSql.ParameterType(3))
print query.execQuery()
print query.isActive()
print query.executedQuery ()

while query.next():
    print "erg:",query.value(0).toString()

and here the output:

<qtsql.QSqlDatabase object at 0x009C8B70>
Select :l, lot_id from yb_lot_history where rownum < 4
erg: lot_id
erg: lot_id
erg: lot_id

is this a bug? why dont i get the entries for lot_id?
I hope you will help me with this basic problem


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