[PyKDE] help about eric3

pledreau at free.fr pledreau at free.fr
Sun Nov 6 10:37:34 GMT 2005

I'm trying to use the sub-menu "Compile Form" and "Generate Subclass" on a
window platform.
In the eric3 settings : settings/preference/Qt/
I've written the following path :
"D :\python\ide_eric_3\qt-win-free-borland-3.3.4"
But when I right click on the file hello_form.ui and ask form "Compile form"
nothing is generate and no warn or error are indicated. It should procudes an
’hello_form.py' file and put it in the project.(for information if I run the
following command I obtain the .py file : pyuic -x hello_form.ui >
It's the same problem for the ’Generate Subclass’ command on the hello_form.ui
file which should produce the ’hello_form_impl.py’

Have you any idea about what I've missed ?
thanks in advance


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