[PyKDE] queryList is returning incorrect type for QTables

Jason Zwolak jzwolak at vt.edu
Wed Nov 9 22:40:27 GMT 2005

The attached code querys a QWidget for children with the name table3.  
There is a widget with the name table3 and it is of type QTable.  The 
returned widget, however, has the type QScrollView.  As a result I 
cannot call QTable methods on the QTable object.  (run the code and an 
AttributeError will be generated)

How can I get a correctly typed QTable object from my widgets generated 
by my ui file?

I am using PyQt 3.15 from (the development repository of) Fedora Core 4 
and Python 2.4.1 and Qt version 3.3.4.

Any help will be appreciated, thanks,

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