[PyKDE] Help needed: PyQt QApplication layout

Volker Lenhardt volker.lenhardt at uni-due.de
Mon Nov 14 12:29:38 GMT 2005


some time ago I got very good advice here, so I hope for more.

My QApplication runs on a Zaurus 5500 PDA, so the area is small enough. 
I have a menu and a status bar, the rest of the screen is to show the 
contents. But the space is not always sufficient and I want to show the 
data in a grid, preferably with the grid layout (works fine in my QDialogs).

There's my problem. I can set a QScrollView as central widget, but don't 
find a way to add a QGridLayout to its viewport (TypeError). There's no 
example to be found, no hint (as far as I can get) in the documentation. 
What is the correct syntax? Or is my idea impossible to realize? And 
what is the alternative?


Volker Lenhardt
Tel.: 0209-30213
E-Mail: volker.lenhardt at uni-due.de

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