[PyKDE] PyQt4 Status Update

Phil Thompson phil at riverbankcomputing.co.uk
Wed Nov 16 08:31:23 GMT 2005

> I heard Phil Thompson said:
>> I hope to have the remaining modules complete by the end of the year.
>> This might depend on the release of Qt 4.1. pyuic and QScintilla may
>> take a little longer.
>> Testing so far is virtually non-existant.
> Hello Phil,
> Do you think it would be possible to make intermediate releases with
> partial functionality? Like, by first implementing QMainWindow and a
> small set of the most common widgets, and adding the others prerelease
> after prerelease? That way, those of us waiting for PyQt4 to start new
> projects could slowly get to work at your own rhythm, while already
> providing you with the testing you need.
> Does that make sense? Or am I talking out of my rear end for
> organizational or technical reasons?

That's what I'm doing with the PyQt4 snapshots - although my internal
build system has been a bit flakely lately because of all the changes.

Tonight's snapshot should be Ok and you will be able to display a QWidget.
I will then complete the QtGui infrastructure classes before going on the
the main widgets (using the tutorials as a means or prioritising).


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