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Michael Zimmermann mz-list at incunabulum.de
Fri Nov 18 12:34:39 GMT 2005

Hi there,

currently we use pyQT for a research project. In this project we use 
python, pyqt and qt to generate applications on the client side of a 
client-server architecture. Basically, two different types of clients 
can be distinguished:
- standalone clients
- clients that are controlled (started / executed) by a python interface 
from a windows application (tribon, a shipbuilding CAD system)

While we are curerently in the research and development phase, depending 
on the results a commercial application of the software module is 
possible. This brings me to the question about how to deploy the 
application, qt and pyqt that is compatible with the licenses of pyqt 
and qt.

1) Standalone client:
Using py2exe we can generate a statically linked executable of the 
application and deploy the exe. No problem here :-)

2) Integrated into the CAD-System:
The python interpreter built into the CAD-system currently executes 
various python modules that use pyqt. So, how can we deploy the python 
modules in this case?

Idea: Statically link the qt and pyqt functions into the python 
interpreter used by the cad system. But this still doesn't deny 
development with the pyqt modules if a user actually uses the python 
interpreter of the cad system.
Creating a self-contained exe is imho not an option... in this case how 
should the python interpreter call the relevant python modules?

So we are slightly cluless about possible solutions... Any suggestions 
about a solution to this problem would be welcome (Phil?)


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