[PyKDE] Trying to get eric3 working

Konstantin Ryabitsev icon at fedoraproject.org
Sun Nov 27 04:27:07 GMT 2005

On Sat, 2005-26-11 at 19:46 -0500, Jack Orenstein wrote:
>      [root at localhost software]# rpm -Uvh 
> PyQt-qscintilla-3.14.1-0.1.i386.rpm eric-3.7.1-0.1.i386.rpm 
> PyQt-3.14.1-1.i386.rpm sip-4.3.1-1.i386.rpm
>      error: Failed dependencies:
>              libc.so.6(GLIBC_2.4) is needed by sip-4.3.1-1.i386

Where did you get that sip library? Sip is shipped by core, so you
should be able to "yum install sip".

icon at protee:[~]$ yum provides sip
Searching Packages:
Setting up repositories
Reading repository metadata in from local files
sip.i386                                 4.2.1-1                base

> P.S. I see you are at McGill. I was there 74-83. Regards to Tim
> Merrett, if you know him, and others in the School of Computer
> Science.

I just started a few weeks ago, so I don't know that many people. I
worked at Duke before this.

Konstantin Ryabitsev
McGill University WSG
Montréal, Québec

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