[PyKDE] Eric3 quick search in v3.8.0 (change request)

Jeff Mast jeff.mast at corniceco.com
Fri Nov 25 16:45:44 GMT 2005

I have a request for changing slightly how the quick search behaves in 
eric3. Fundamentally, I would like it to work more like the quick search 
in other kde apps (like kdevelop). The one difference I notice is that 
in the other kde apps, the value being searched for becomes selected if 
you start a new  quicksearch session after doing something else (such as 
move the cursor or click the mouse, or press enter). This lets you 
either repeat a previous search or start typing a new one without having 
to delete anything. In eric3, the cursor in the quicksearch edit is just 
placed at the end the next time you start a new search.

For example, if I have Ctrl-F mapped to doing a quick search:

   1. first Ctrl-F brings focus to the quicksearch edit with entire
      field selected (no search happens yet)
   2. optionally I can type a new string to search for (or leave alone
      to search for what I last searched for)
   3. second (and subsequent) Ctrl-F searches
          * return ends search and adds to history
          * OR ESC ends search, doesn't add to history and returns
            cursor to where I first started searching (this is something
            even other kde apps don't do but would be nice)
          * OR mouse click in editor ends search (doesn't` add to history)
   4. Once I change the field value in the quick search, the field
      remains unhighlighted throughout that search session e.g. as long
      as I keep typing Ctrl-F or search chars (so I can narrow my search
      by adding more chars)

So, the difference between what it does now and my request is that when 
a new quicksearch "session" starts, the field is completely highlighted 
so that if I type in chars, I replace what I previously searched for. 
Right now, if I type Ctrl-U in the field to clear it out to enter a new 
string, it actually starts the search for what was in the field -- not 
what I wanted to happen. Additionally, it would be nice if ESC cancelled 
the entire search session as though it never happened putting me back to 
where I started to search from initially.

Thanks in advance for considering these changes.

jeff.mast at corniceco.com

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