[PyKDE] PyQt / sipdistutils

Jasper R. Plaisier plaisier at chem.leidenuniv.nl
Wed Nov 30 14:55:11 GMT 2005

Hello all,

I am trying to package an extension module that works with qt objects. I 
therefore wrapped the code using sip and everything seems to work fine 
when i build in the documented using a .sip file and configuration.py.

Now I am trying to package everything for distribution using 
sipdistutils. This worked fine for non-qt containing code. In this case, 
however, the .sip file contains the line %Import qt/qtmod.sip, and the 
build process stops with the error that this file cannot be found. This 
makes sense since sip runs without the -I flag.

I have now worked around the problem in a quick and dirty way by copying 
sipdistutils.py to pyqtdistutils.py and changing the code in 
_sip_compile to the following

   def _sip_compile(self, sip_bin, source, sbf) :
     import pyqtconfig
     pqconfig = pyqtconfig.Configuration()
     os.system(" ".join([sip_bin,
                 "-c", self.build_temp,
                 "-b", sbf,
                 "-I", pqconfig.pyqt_sip_dir,

This works fine. HOwever, I had te change the self.spawn call to 
os.system, because the first would stop on the error:

sip: /usr/share/sip/qt/versions.sip:30: Exactly one of this %Timeline 
must be specified with the -t flag

The -t flag is present (and shown on the screen).

I wonder if anyone knows a more generic solution for the problem of not 
being able to compile the extension module with qt, and if anyone 
understands the problem with self.spawn.

For completeness I also include my setup.py script

from distutils.core iport setup, Extension
import pyqtdistutils

  name = 'Cyclops',
  version = '0.1',
  scripts = ["scripts/Cyclops"],
  packages = ["Cyclopswidgets", "Cyclopsdata"],
  ext_modules = [
  Extension("Cyclopsdata.pylib", ["Cyclopsdata/datwrap.sip",
  "Cyclopsdata/fileio.cpp", "CyclopsModel.cpp"],
  include_dirs=["Cyclopsdata", "/usr/local/lib", "/usr/lib/qt3/include",
  /usr/share/sip"], library_dirs=["/usr/local/lib", "/usr/lib/qt3/lib"],
  libraries=["qt", "tiff"])
  cmdclass = {'build_ext': pyqtdistutils.build._ext }

Thnx all, Jasper


Jasper R. Plaisier
Biophysical Structural Chemistry Department
Leiden Institute of Chemistry
Leiden University
P.O. Box 9502, 2300 RA Leiden
The Netherlands

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