[PyKDE] Creating constructor code for python+designer3 project

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Mon Oct 3 09:07:08 BST 2005

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Hello everyone,
I am fairly new to writing software for the python interpreter and
hence I have run into some issues. Maybe someone can give me some
good advice.

What I wish to do is to keep all of the code relating to the main
application form, in the same project as the actual UI, meaning;
inside QT-designer. Designer tells me to create functions called
init() and destroy(), and within those functions write the code i
wish to execute at creation and deletion of the main form object.

I have done this but to no avail. A quick guesse is that pyuic dont
know what to do with my additional functions and because of this,
just leaves them be. I have also tried to implement my own
constructor for the main form class. I may have done it wrong, I am
not sure. All I know is it did not work as I expected it to. When I
run the code I still can not get my init code to execute. In fact
there is no trace of the code in the generated code that comes out
of pyuic.

If anyone knows how to solve this (seemingly simple problem) please
do let me know on gash (at) hush.ai

Thank you and best regards,
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