[PyKDE] QString in PyQt4 - Request for Comments

Mike Tammerman mtammerman at gmail.com
Thu Oct 20 11:26:36 BST 2005

I don't know how difficult or feasible it is, but I would suggest
using macros, so people can choose whether to use QString or python
str while compiling pyqt.

Just an idea.

On 10/18/05, Phil Thompson <phil at riverbankcomputing.co.uk> wrote:
> I'm wondering whether QString should be dropped in PyQt4 in order to make it
> more Pythonic.
> At the moment Python strings and unicode strings are automatically converted
> to QStrings when passed as arguments - so there would be no change there. If
> a QString was returned by a method or an operator then a unicode string would
> be returned instead.
> Obviously you would lose all of QString's methods and would have to rely on
> what Python gives you for manipulating strings.
> One of the limitations of QString has been that you couldn't do...
> q = "Py" + QString("Qt")
> ...but with current snapshots you can - so this is an argument for keeping
> QString as it has become easier to use.
> BTW, the following is a consequence of the additional support...
> s = "Py"
> # s is of type str
> s += QString("Qt")
> # s is now of type QString
> Comments, opinions welcome.
> Phil
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