[PyKDE] eric3 on windows 2000: strage main-window behavior

Burkhard Doliwa doliwa at temf.tu-darmstadt.de
Tue Sep 13 14:32:08 BST 2005


I have installed eric3, snapshot 20050410 with the other stuff needed
(python 2.4.1, PyQt(>>> qt.qVersion()=='3.3.4'),...).

Now the IDE behaves as I know it from Linux, except for the two 'bugs':

	- no mouse-wheel scrolling in text editor and shell
	  (in the Debug-Browser, however, it works!)

	- eric3 window is always on top of ALL OTHER WINDOWS

The last bug significantly slows down my work, since, e.g., a change to
a plotting window has to be done by mouse-minimizing the eric3 window.

Has anyone had the same problems?


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