[PyKDE] Run-time error (Must construct a QApplication before a QPaintdevice)

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Thu Apr 20 22:26:05 BST 2006

On 20.04.06 16:46:38, Eron Lloyd wrote:
> Sounds like some of the programs aren't properly initializing a
> QApplication in the main loop before calling widgets.

If these were self-written programs that might really be the case,
however this is with the examples and I can't see any sign for improper
QApplication initialization in bigtable.py or smalltable.py. I also
don't think Phil has different versions of the examples for X11 and Mac
so I'd say something in PyQt3 is going wrong on that Mac.

> I don't remember
> if PyQt3 acted like this, but it most likely is the culprit.

Qt3 and Qt4 act the same here, they refuse to work when you try to
create a widget without first creating a QApplication. In any case here
the examples look OK and work OK.


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