[PyKDE] Run-time error (Must construct a QApplication before a QPaintdevice)

Adam Tenderholt atenderholt at gmail.com
Fri Apr 21 19:08:11 BST 2006

> I would start with checking the _Qt_ examples. I derived the PyQt table
> examples directly from them... Next try generating back traces from the
> segfaults with gdb, where debug builds are most useful.

The table examples included in Qt-3.3.6 run fine.

It doesn't actually genenerate segfaults. Running gdb simply prints the
error message "QPaintDevice: Must construct a QApplication before a
QPaintDevice" and then says "Program exited with code 01". I'm guessing this
is an exit code for python, and I did a quick search, but I didn't find
anything relevant. Any ideas? I'll look into a bit more later as well.

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