[PyKDE] Model/View drag and drop inconsistencies

Adam Tenderholt atenderholt at gmail.com
Sat Dec 2 22:02:28 GMT 2006

I've found an inconsistency between PyQt 4.1 on Mac, Linux, and
Windows when using the model/view classes and drag and drop. See the
attached example file.

On Mac OS X, when items are dragged from the "Atomic Orbitals" tree
widget to the "Fragment" tree widget, they are moved as expected.
However, on Linux and Windows, they are copied. I wrote to the list
about such an issue with a previous version of Qt (4.1, I think) a few
months ago, and was told it was a problem with Qt. Is this still the

My setup:

Mac OS X: Python 2.4.3, Qt 4.2.1, sip-snapshot-112606, and PyQt-4.1 (gpl)
Linux (gentoo): Python 2.4.3, Qt 4.2.1, sip-snapshot-112606, and PyQt-4.1
Windows: Python 2.4.3, Qt 4.2.1, sip-4.5, and PyQt-4.1 (from source)


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