[PyKDE] How to pass UDSEntry to KIO.NetAccess.stat

jisaitua at covenco.cl jisaitua at covenco.cl
Mon Dec 4 13:59:04 GMT 2006


I'm a newbie in python and pyKde and was trying to use NetAccess.stat. My 
problem is, that the UDSEntry parameter returns always empty.

I tried with the following sample code:
import sys
from kio import KIO
from kdecore import KApplication,KURL

app=KApplication(sys.argv, "KIO.NetAccess Testing")
myURL = KURL("/usr/bin/python")

if KIO.NetAccess.exists(myURL):
        if KIO.NetAccess.stat(myURL, udsEntry):
                #It doesn't get any UDSAtom...len (udsEntry) is always 0
                print "Number of UDSAtoms in UDSEntry: ", len(udsEntry)

Maybe what I'm doing is completely wrong, I don't know, so please help! I 
really would appreciate any hint.

Juan Ignacio Saitua.

P.D: I'm using kubuntu 6.10 with pykde-3.15.2, pyqt-3.16, sip-4.4.5 and 
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