[PyKDE] Using the Kate KPart from Python

Paul Giannaros ceruleanblaze at gmail.com
Wed Dec 6 18:07:40 GMT 2006

How would you go about using a KatePart but getting some more fine-grained 
control? I've got an editor widget up displaying in my KParts::MainWindow 
(loading via createReadOnlyPart('libkatepart' .....)), but I don't see how I 
use the part for functionality past the basic KPart functions (i.e 
part.openURL). The examples on the kate-editor website 
require you to import kate header files to cast to a KTextEditor::Document 
and then a Kate::View. I can't see how i'd do something equivalent in PyKDE, 
as I see no mention of the KTextEditor interface in the docs. 

Is this at all possible? 


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